Easy tips to Choose the Right Gold Tester Suitable for your Business

Easy Tips to Choose Right Gold Tester

Know Your Use

  • Banks, Jewel Loan Companies, Jewellery showrooms to test old gold exchange with new, test gold Jewellery for customer satisfaction and Standard Quality control measures, Jewellers & Manufactures test jewellery to issue Quality certificate or Quality Cards – Best Buy is Gas Proportional Counter based Instruments
  • Testing & Assay Centers, Laboratories, Hallmark centres, Refineries, Old gold cash purchase, Old gold exchange business with Pure gold (badla business), Govt Depts for critical scrutiny, Manufacturers & Exporters, Jewellery showrooms with Strict Quality Control Measures – Best Buy is Si Pin Diode Detector based instruments. However if Budget does not matter, You can opt for Silicon Drift Detector SDD based Instruments.

Know Your Accuracy Requirement: Gas Proportional Counter technology – Good & Precise Accuracy <0.5% with standard & nominal element content samples Si Pin Diode Detector Technology – High Precision Accuracy <0.2% with standard & any element content based samples SDD detector Technology – Higher Precision Accuracy <0.15% with standard & any element content based samples + lesser testing time + detect elements at ppm levels

Our Recommendation If Buyer is looking for an Excellent Value & also needs long term durability and test critical or any type of sample – Then Si Pin Diode Detector based Instrument is your Right Choice

Its Not Cheap, But its a Value Purchase, that gives you better Return on Investment & More Benefits than any other technology.

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