New Currency Not Hard to Detect, But Difficult to Count.

After 6 months of introducing 2000 & 500 new denominations, there is still uncertainty among public over how secured is their New currency.

The New notes are comparatively lower in print quality and even the security features are'nt stable. Fake notes are not yet in strong circulation, due to strong steps taken by Central govt and strategy on various fronts. However there is higher risk of mis-count, improper handling of these new notes due to its weird size with the current denominations like 100 and 50.

Recently several cases were found with wrong transactions made due to the denomination confusion with New currency. Like when manual counting, 2000 x 34 is calculated as 64000 along with other denominations, even by the most experienced Cash handling expert. This increases the confusion during transaction. Similarly at time counting the notes on basic note counting machine, with 2000 or 500 denomination easily hidden at times in loose currency bunch of say 100 denominations and a 2k note is passed to the payee as 100 rupee note, thus another loss for the Cash payer.

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