With advancements in marketing techniques businesses realize the importance of branding and are investing in laser marking machines. In this modern age, laser marking has become quite vital for a lot of manufacturing companies, and its demand is increasing rapidly. It is not only used in industrial operations, but it can also be used for … Read more

Cash Counting Machines

It takes a lot of time to sort and count money and time is a valuable commodity. As a result, making the cash counting process as reliable, fast, and as painless as possible is a no-brainer. Cash counting machines are used by banks, government departments, religious institutions, enterprises such as supermarkets, grocery stores, retail shops … Read more

Employees Awards by S.R.Scales 2014-15

Employees are treated like Partners and They are the backbone of the company and their share in growing a company’s fortune is greatest, are the words of Sri. H.L Shantilal Jain – Mentor for S.R.Scales. Seeing his 42yrs old son Mr. L S Raajesh – Director S.R.Scales going all praise from some leading and successful … Read more

Easy tips to Choose the Right Gold Tester Suitable for your Business

Easy Tips to Choose Right Gold Tester Know Your Use Banks, Jewel Loan Companies, Jewellery showrooms to test old gold exchange with new, test gold Jewellery for customer satisfaction and Standard Quality control measures, Jewellers & Manufactures test jewellery to issue Quality certificate or Quality Cards – Best Buy is Gas Proportional Counter based Instruments … Read more

Misleading Gimmicks – Know Before You Buy Gold Testers!

Most Misleading Gimmicks – Multiple Collimator:-95% and above customer never use this function. Why pay for function that users dont use. Large Collimator or Scanning area:-Large collimator does not mean you get melting value as claimed by some companies. Rather it fails penetration of sample, it shows poor repeatability with jewellery samples, User cannot test … Read more


Existing or New Customers, need not panic. Please read the below information to know about the readiness of your Maxsell note counting machine to deal with New INR. List of Machines equipped with Counting and Detection of New INR 2000 & 500 Models Piece count Fake Detection Value Count Others MX50i Ok Ok N.A – … Read more