Maxsell MX50i Pro – Fusion of Best Seller & Best Featured Gadget!

Be A Pro!

Building stable products and making it work for masses, is challenging. For Country like India, where varied demographics is a bigger challenge added to the operational environment, power supply quality and also the operator constraints. Its definitely a challenge to make design work for most users.

MX50i Pro is born out of the very idea that Customers wanted a confident value counter with high accuracy in denomination recognition as found in Mx50i Turbo. Like our earlier product Pro also found a lot of challenges to meet critical Indian currency quality including RBI’s call for detecting Pre 2005 notes. Thanks to 3D printer which helped us design the model at different stages and whenever it failed we made significant changes & build that component again, saving time and design costs. Like our Size detection scanner failed in controlling currency width challenges and compromising in detection accuracy. Cheers to 3D printer we rebuilt model to perfection until every identified problems fixed.

MX50i Pro – Blend of MX50i & Turbo – the Best Seller & the Advanced Gadget

After rigorous testing for 6 months, Now MX50i Pro is eligible to adorn the Badge of Maxsell and is ready to find its spot on the Desks of our Eagerly awaiting Customers. Distributors are super-charged to see the core of MX50i and integrated with key functions & features of MX50i Turbo. Of course We always plan our products to fit our Customer’s mind and requirements and make it perform when put to tough and practical test & certainly not just to impress in the Demo run.

This is evident from our First batch of Pro with 200 units just finished in record one week and Pre-booked nearly 500 and more Units in the First week itself. Remember! No Advertisements, No Promotions. Yet Customers just grab it!

The idea of Pro was born after Turbo really amazed our Customers about its advanced features, But when our customers wanted best features at an affordable price and reliability of Maxsell – MX50i Pro become our answer. Be a Pro.!!!

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