MX-GT Aurum 5 SDD

Maxsell MX-GT Aurum 5 SDD, the fastest tester in the industry is the latest XRF gold analyzer with high stability and faster processing HDSP technology (Hybrid Digital Signal Processor). Solid Body construction with Robust software and special focusing Xray tube. Built-In Industrial grade PC for quick bootup and software processing.


  • Results in 10 seconds
  • Detects 25+ Elements Precisely better than Fire Assay
  • Identifies Prohibited Elements (Powder) Iridium, Ruthenium, Osmium, etc
  • Industrial Integrated PC With External Display


  • Silicon Drift Detector - Made In USA
X-Ray Source W-Target X-Ray tube with Triple Stage Cooling
System Built-In Industrial Grade Computer
Test Chamber Size Large Chamber - 366x336x141mm
Collimator Most optimum size < 2mm ( optional 1mm)
Analysis Elements From Al (13) to U (92) around 79 elements - Activated Max 25+ Elements
Analysis Range 0.1% ~ 99.99%
Testing Time 15 – 60 seconds (User Selectable) (New - Live Results)
High Voltage 0-50 kV / 0-1 mA
Power Supply 110V - 260V, 50/60 Hz
Reports Available in xlsx, csv, xml, PDF & POS printer formats

The power of SDD

The Superior Resolution SDD Detector provides improved results with a test accuracy higher than the fire assay method, besides being able to trace elements contained even in very low content (ppm level).

Results in just 10 seconds

It is the fastest tester in the industry as it requires less than 10 seconds to give the most accurate & stable results.

The best detector on the planet

Uses advanced Silicon drift Diode Detector from AMP-TEK USA, who is the world leader in detectors.

The ultimate resolution

The higher energy resolution makes it more efficient and detects elements precisely in PPM levels.

A workhorse

Triple Stage Cooling system cools the heat from the X ray tube, hence continuous operations will not deter/stop the machine.

The Tech Champ

SDD detector attributes to lower background noise, shortest testing time and very high stability, so you can test more samples with utmost efficiency and ease.